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There are a lot of ways to get relevant content up on a blog.  If you search for “article spinner” on Google you will find about forty million results in 0.20 seconds.  The software allows you to enter an article and it instantly spits out multiple variations based off the original.  The problem?  All of these articles are unmistakably generated by a bot.


Blogs that generate traffic generally do two things well: utilize effective SEO techniques and deliver excellent content that readers enjoy.

Effective SEO techniques help search engines like Google find your page. Keyword research, in particular, is one thing that really sets blogs apart. That means discovering which specific keywords are popular among users and targeting less competitive keyword phrases against dominant websites like Wikipedia.

Conducting up-to-date keyword research is only half of the battle however.  Some “agencies” find the right keywords to use, and then blast their clients’ websites with poorly-written, repetitive content that nobody wants to read.  Not smart.  Not only will this disappoint readers and reflect poorly on your brand, but it can also get your website blacklisted if it’s labeled as spam.

Here at Creative Online Writing, our hand-vetted writers have unique personalities that are reflected in their writing style.  Those auto-generated articles you’ve come across in the past?  Dull, repetitive, robotic, and unprofessional.  It’s just not worth it.  You get what you pay for in this highly competitive world.  Re-written articles should sound fresh, and engaging.  This is exactly what we are passionate about delivering.

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