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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This refers to the algorithms used to rank websites on search engines like Google and Bing. The higher a website is ranked, the higher it gets shown on a given search. The higher a website gets placed on a search, the more likely it is to generate traffic. This is where Creative Online Writing comes in – we write SEO articles. However, unlike some agencies who “specialize” in SEO, we do not just focus our time on algorithms and keywords, we also make sure that the content will engage readers.

The issue we have seen with many SEO articles is that while the keywords are all in place, the content is poorly written. Considering the point of using SEO-based articles is to generate traffic, the content must always be engaging, edited, and well researched. It is almost irrelevant what a website ranks on Google if the content is so poorly written that it comes across to readers as boring or underwhelming.

Here at Creative Online Writing, we boast a team of professionals that quite frankly… love to write! Our lead developer’s favorite part of college was taking seemingly dull topics and crafting essays so engaging it made professors take a second look.  Which is exactly what good SEO content should do. It should take keywords and incorporate them in a way that the content is not only informative, but interesting.

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